Ending Homelessness

Over the past several years, there has been a shift from managing the problem of homelessness to examining both how to prevent it and how to end it. Communities around the world are adopting Ten Year Plans to end homelessness, engaging in homeless counts and publicizing their results in report cards. Social service agencies are figuring out how to work with newly housed individuals to continue to provide supports to help them maintain their housing. The Solutions Section is designed to help someone understand the issues, dialogues and research currently under development in the homelessness sector.

We begin with some basic information and then add layers of information. Each section and sub-section has a short introduction to summarize the information for you. Resources for further reading are also provided to allow you to engage in the information in as much depth as you wish. In our Human Resources section we also include information for community social service practitioners including training materials, self-care information and job descriptions that are standard in the field. Through this we are attempting to make your jobs easier so that you can focus on the real work – helping to end homelessness.