Housing, Accommodation and Supports

Housing, Accommodation and Supports

While a great deal of response to homelessness has focused on emergency services, it is important that we also focus on both prevention and accommodation and support.

This means that we need to explore the solutions to this crisis, not just provide the services to manage it. The provision of safe, secure and affordable housing is the primary solution to homelessness.

Housing Solves Homelessness!

It seems simple, but it is true. As you will see in the following sections, affordable housing, transitional housing, and permanent supportive housing are all tools that can help stabilize individuals and families to get them out of shelters and off the streets. Housing First is now recognized as a best practice for ending homelessness in Canada and across the world.

Given the complex and diverse needs of the homeless population, it is also important to explore what other types of accommodations or supports are needed. This could include case management, rent supplements, employment training, income supports, health care, addictions services, mental health assistance or recreational and social activities.